Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonight we went fishing...

This afternoon my husband thought it would be a great idea to head to the trout stream. So, after supper, we piled in the car, and headed to his little fishing hole. Deep in the wilderness. woods. The evening was PERFECT. Fall was in the air and I was ALMOST cold. Almost. It was beautiful!
Little boy loving the outdoors.
Trying to be like B* Pretty. (Not even close!) Sigh.
My man fishing. (I sat in a lawn chair and played with Easton. But, as I sat there, I did have this desire to fish. Strange feeling.
The boys fishing together.
My favorite! His little hand helping his daddy out!
What he REALLY wanted to do with the pole!

Loving doing boy things!
Helping his daddy catch the big one!

Daddy's little fishing buddy!

And so, that was our adventure. They caught one fish and we called it a night--took a drive and went to visit some grandparents.
Perfect summer evening!


Mrs. B. said...

Those are the sweedest pictures! Easton looks like such a little BOY. No doubt.

Truly His said...

EASTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the cutest boy!! I love you and miss you!