Monday, October 25, 2010

Where I have been......

Hello Girls!
This IS SUCH a busy time of year. Just a few things that have been going on...

I started my own business! I sell Usborne Books. Love reading. And children's books are some of my favorite. So it's PERFECT for me.

Also, this month, I decided it was time to start working out. Ugh. Dreaded sigh. After I had Easton, I tried to work out...and then the summer came and I DIDN'T get to do a THING I wanted...and working out was thrown to the wind. So, I researched almost EVERY workout you could do...and found Turbo Jam. (I'm only about 10 years behind the rest of you!) The volleyball girls did this workout years ago and I had tried it a few weeks one time...but this is serious. Like...don't get to get dressed, check facebook, go outside of your house, til your workout is done serious. SO. Every morning, it's me and Chalene. We've become quite good friends....if I say so myself. Do I love it? Not at the beginning. But by the end, I'm THANKFUL I did it. Have I lost weight? Naa...Inches? Maybe. I can tell for myself but others can't. Or so they don't look like you are losing weight. Sigh. I'll give it a few more weeks.

Then, the biggest news of all is we bought a house. Yep. Mentioned that before on here. Friday we close on it. And we become homeowners. A home. That's big enough for us. Double Sigh. So yes. We are excited. I DO plan on posting pictures and showing you the process....there are just NOT picture taking moments of W.A.I.T.I.N.G.
I spend the day DREAMING about what I want the house to look like...only to move to another idea and then another. My whole life I've always been insecure about my color choices and if this matches and that this whole...let's pick out paint thing....kind of is overwhelming. Do you have ANY good tips for picking paint? Websites? Ideas? Because I need them. How do you pick out ideas? Are you friends with Martha? Is she in your area? Send her my way.

So...those are the biggest things in my life.
On a sweet side note, my sister in law had a little boy last night. 10 lbs. 23 inches long. 12 days overdue. It was her 9th baby. 2nd boy. Last night his name was Tyler...and this morning they changed it to Logan. ;) Too many good boy names to pick! HA! The 7 sisters are smitten with him and he is beautiful. The older brother thinks he's pretty special too!

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Mrs. B. said...

My paint color tips: Go to Restoration Hardware and look at the colors they have on their walls. They paint their store the colors they offer for that season. See what you like on the actual wall and then bring home the paint chips from the store. If the actual RH paint is too expensive, take your paint card and go to Home Depot and find the best match you can!
(Hopefully you guys have a RH somewhere near. You may have to go to the nearest big city.)