Saturday, October 16, 2010

Starting my own business.....

Well, I did it! After almost TWO years of not working...I've started my own business. Two weeks ago, I started.
Most of you know I L.O.V.E. to read. AND, I love books. (just ask my husband!) AND, even better I love children's books. SO. Why not SELL great, quality books for children!? That's right! Have you heard of Usborne Books? They have over 2,000 titles for children of ALL ages. QUALITY. I haven't picked up ONE book I don't like...and let me tell you---although I LOVE books---I'm picky!

Three years ago, I'd never heard of the company and went to a friend's party---JUST because. I left her house IN LOVE with them. I went in with a "teacher's eye" and came out drooling of ALL the books I wanted for my classroom. So, I started buying them when I could. They have a program called Reach for the Stars where classrooms get free books--WE LOVED THEM. At reading time over 1/2 my class (non-readers and readers alike) ALWAYS had an Usborne book. Always.

So, then, I had a baby boy. I started digging out my "baby" Usborne books just to see if it worked with 3 months olds as well as middle school. Yep. You got it...he LOVES them. LOVES.THEM.

We enjoy reading these books and looking at pictures and talking about them. Get ready...cause you will love them too!

Check out my webpage for more information! Or ask me which books will be RIGHT for your children!

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Congrats! I know you'll be great at it!