Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, again....

Whew! What a September! I hardly had time to sit down...let alone BLOG! EVERY WEEKEND WAS BUSY! I spent EVERY Monday in September in my pj's trying to catch up on housework...because we had THAT much fun during the weekend. Don't believe me!? In a nutshell here's a few things we did...

We started off Sept. with a big ole' wedding. A former student of mine.
Not bad...nice and sweet. A wedding---I know what you are thinking...Really? That's not bad...Keep reading, keep reading.

We hit the next weekend with our fall favorite the Floyd Gospel Sing. A two-day ALL DAY singing. With some GOOOOOOD eating. Trust me. SO.MUCH.FUN....but SOOOO much work! 10am to 10 pm Fri. and Sat. all day singing. ALL.DAY. 10 to 10. Every 20 mins a new group. Hundreds come. We'll have a few thousand over the two days. Just typing all this is making me tired again....

My Mother-in-law came for a week. All out family fun was had. Lots of cousins, family and my MIL's 1st time to see Easton. (love at 1st sight for both of them I might add!)

Easton's dedication. We wanted Wil's mom to be here so we "put it off" until she could make the trip. Yep. You got it. He was 5 months old before we dedicated him. It's ok. God knows. And I've given him over to God SO many times since BEFORE birth his dedication was just a PUBLIC confirmation. ;) I've got pictures to prove it....somewhere!!

After the Gospel Sing/dedication weekend...we moved right into my best friend's wedding. Lots of GIRLTIME. A wonderful Bed and Breakfast where I lived like a Queen...and saw my best friend marry the man of her dreams. Pictures were outside where we almost froze to death...
And, I MUST add, I made some of the funniest memories with the bride's cousin and sister in law that will forever be a highlight of the weekend. (Inside joke kind of funny) LOVED.IT.

Moving into a weekend that was jam packed full of family time and a funeral and a rained out photo shoot ended our Sept. with a bang.

OH wait. I forgot. In ALLLLL that messssssss....We bought a house.

Yep. That's right.
We did.
And I have yet to tell my facebook family about it. Because I've been SOOO busy with everything else...I somehow forgot. (we bought it the week my best friend got married) So I'm a LITTLE big confused about details. In my mind it goes like this: We offered, a bridesmaid lost her bridesmaid dress. The owner say yes, the Bride and Groom said, "I do." We signed papers, and we all ate cake and danced. We have a closing date, and pictures were at 2:30. Honestly, that's how I remember it. Nicely tied in with a wedding theme.
So. Blogger the 1st to know. We move the beginning of Nov.
Nope. Haven't started backing yet.
Moving on....

October....I welcome thee!

Yesterday, my friends and I headed to the Pumpkin Patch with our babies. A lot has changed since last year's pumpkin patch adventures. (Easton wasn't born yet at last year's fun-filled day!)

And so, enjoy the pictures! They are so cute!
(And once again....Facebook has YET to see them!)
Two little cousins enjoying the day OUTSIDE with pumpkins!
Easton and Tristan
No joke....they have their own language!

Just having a good time! Tristan's favorite thing was to throw the pumpkin down!

Perfect day for being outside!!

My little learner! Always trying something new! He loved touching the straw and moving it from one hand to the next.

Happy to show the world how cute he really is!
At Stillwater Greenhouse. They have a pumpkin patch and the most beautiful displays of mums and pumpkins and haybales and haybale tunnels you could ever want. They also have digging for treasure (gourds) for kids and a slide. Not to mention the greatest outdoor chairs to sit in and talk with friends....

Honestly, it was sooooo refreshing to sit and hold our babies (or in some cases CHASE our babies) and just relax.

So...I'm declaring October Kick Back and Relax month.
Love it already!


Amber said...

AGH! LOVE it! And Rachel...the wedding weekend was FABULOUS and you were a HUGE part of the Fabulousness! :) I had the best time hanging out with you...LOVE your blogs and LOVE you! :)

jessica m said...

With that busy month behind you-you deserve relaxation time! Cute post :)