Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easton's 1st Birthday Party

And JUST like that, he's one. My first born son...a year old. Well, his birthday isn't until tomorrow, but after a party, I say, you can say your age. So 1 it is! We had a FUN time. Let me explain...

I wanted a great bday party for my little boy. After all, 1 is a BIG DEAL to me. My problem...who to invite. I KNEW our house wouldn't hold EVERYONE we wanted to invite. Friends, family, cousins, friends of friends, Easton's friends YOU get the pic. So finally, Wil and I decided to have family come. And when I say family...I mean F.A.M.I.L.Y.
My side:
Grandma Dixie (Papaw Paul is in AR living it up with his
Great Grandma Bonnie
Great-Great Aunt Lois
Aunt Beka
Uncle Zach

Let's talk Wil's side...shall we?
Uncle Lloyd
Aunt Elaine
Gloria and Victoria (twins)
Aunt Louella
Uncle Lavern
Aunt Marietta

Whew. You KNOW how many kids that is!?!?!?
Plus, I invited my friend and her kids came over...they live right down the road.
Ruth Ann
That's 22 kids. Counting Easton. Let the FUN begin!
 Birthday boy needs a birthday hat!
 The CANDY part of the party. Everyone when home with LOTS and LOTS of candy. :)
The house had 4 different "stations" One station was SANDY CANDY. Where they got to mix and match their taste bud wishes and create their own candy. Big.Hit. (But when is candy not a hit?)
Then, from there, they moved on to a craft table, and created 1 or 2 crafts. Then, they went and tried to blow bubbles with bubble gum.

 We went outside and made BIG bubbles. Big. Everyone needs an Aunt Lois. I mean. She makes Birthdays F.U.N. She had SO much fun getting the bubbles ready. I just wish it was warmer so we could have spent MORE time outside. But, it was magical. If Disney only knew about Aunt Lois. Or as Tristan and Easton call her A-lo-ha. Words of a 1 year old....

 Cake. Best part of the day! Easton got his cake and went RIGHT for the red frosting. With 1 finger. So cute. He started with the red and wouldn't stop until the red was all gone.
 Then, after he'd eat some he's clap. As if he was saying...WHERE has this been my whole life? No more green beans for me!
ALL DONE! Just a frosting boy...

Here is my baby boy! All ready for his birthday party!!
All in was a WONDERFUL day. I kept looking at the clock thinking about where I was a year ago. And tonight, I rest. Knowing I have a blessing sent from God in a son named
Easton Paul Nolt.

Life is good.

Happy Birthday baby boy!
Your Mama is soooo proud of you!


Mrs. Mallory said...

Aw! How fun! Happy birthday Easton!

Mrs. Mallory said...

Aw! Happy birthday Easton!

Truly His said...

Love it!!!! Happy Birthday, Easton!!