Friday, March 25, 2011

Too excited....

Yep. I'm excited.

I'm sure you think it's because of Easton's 1st birthday this week.
Ah...yes. That makes me excited. (more tired thinking of ALL we have to do.)

But there is SOMETHING more that I'm excited about...let me share.

About 4 months ago, I had a dream. As only a mother could have.

My dream was that I'd get Easton's 1 year pics done professionally...but not just by ANYONE.
I was dreaming B.I.G.

A Mama can dream. And here's TWO of my picks.

The 1st one took our wedding it wasn't out of reach totally.
Just a 6 hour drive to Kansas City.
The last one was a dream. A total dream...and on my bucket list.

And then, the twitter that changed all twitters.
My sister twittered last night she was looking for ME. Only I was already asleep.
(Told ya I'm tired during pregnancy...I heart sleep!)
She even called.
Again, asleep.

This morning I called my sister and she had GREAT news.
One of our FAVORITE bloggers will be in Des Moines.
That's 2 hours away, people.
Two hours.
AND...the grand news...she takes pictures and setting up shop to take ANYONE'S pictures.
And she is GOOD.
Really good.

Who is she!?

Check her out...

Do you know her?
Yep. That's right.
God heard my dream and prayer....

She's gonna take pics of MY little boy!

I'm so excited....!
I MEAN SUPER excited!!
SO excited...........

I love her!

So...Easton's birthday party weekend starting tomorrow...
This could be the GREATEST week of my life! ;)


Ruth Ann said...

I Am absolutely over the moon excited for you!!!!

Truly His said...

RACHEL!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God knows our desires!!