Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You know you have a baby when....

Let's face it.
Children change you.
They bring out your BEST.
And...they bring out your worst.

And so, in honor of Easton's 1st birthday coming up on SUNDAY, I've come up with 10 ways I've changed in the last year.

Thank you, Easty-pants.

1. Before having Easton when I'd have 1 hour to shower, do hair AND makeup, I KNEW I'd NEVER be ready  in time. Now, I'm amazed at how FAST I can get ready. If I HAD an hour to get ready...I don't know what I'd do with ALL.THAT.TIME.

2. I curse (not real cursing) Eve more. Not for the whole pain in child birth thing. No. In the LAUNDRY thing. Face it, if Eve would have said NO to the snake, we'd still be naked. Therefore, NO LAUNDRY. Trust me when I say, EVERYTIME I am sorting clothes and look to see HOW MANY piles I have, I make a mental note to look up Eve when I get to Heaven. We WILL be having a talk.

3. With that being said, I can't get over how MUCH I LOVE to fold baby clothes. They are SOOO cute.
NEVER thought I'd love folding clothes. But, baby clothes are just plain cute.

4. I'm more aware of  the dangers out there for my son. Example: being pregnant with baby #2 I have watched more TV in the past 2 months than the past year. (we also didn't have internet...REMEMBER?) As I would watch I'd tell my husband, that's it. When Easton turns 2 we are getting RID of TV. The programs that would come on, stood for NOTHING I stand for or believe. (And this is just one example.)

5. Having a baby and "looking like you have it all together" is something that isn't possible. Just once, I want my house SPOTLESS-laundry DONE-Easton CLEAN-and everything PERFECT. Sigh. A girl can wish.

6. Having a baby shows you JUST.HOW.SELFISH.YOU.REALLY.ARE.

7. Having a baby takes away your selfishness....big time.

8. When Easton was born, I could of cared less what I looked like. (To a degree) The BEST part of my day was picking Easton's outfit and dressing him. And admiring how CUTE he is when he's ALL cleaned up and ready to go.

9. When you have a baby, little things excite you. The bubbles they make with their drool. The 1st time they sit up for 3.1 seconds. The moment they smile at you. And, let's not forget how cute their burps and sneezes are.

10. You know a baby lives in your house when you have PILES of pictures and NOT ONE of them scrapbooked. Yep. Confession time. BEFORE I was married, I'd spend HOURS scrapbooking my life. I had it down. Give me my supplies and in an hour I could have 10 pages done. Then, I got married and had a baby. Now, I have TONS of pictures. But Easton's life is just scrapbooked up til about month 3. Sigh. Maybe when he is older....

I'm sure I could go on and on and on...but YOU give me some of your YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BABY WHEN stories.


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jessica m said...

Ahhh loved #6 and #7...well...truth be told they are all SO TRUE! The biggest thing in our house would be TOYS all over the living room :) and the piles of laundry. Thanks for sharing!