Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello, again.

Whew! I'm back! It's been a trip. But a good one. Where have I been!? Where have I NOT been? Let's catch up shall we!?

I think my LAST post was in October. Since then, we have been busy.

Nov. started with us packing up our house and getting ready to move. Only, I got sick the WEEK we were to I called on some AMAZING best friends who came and packed up my whole house in a day. While I sat and watched. Too weak to do anything.

We moved the 13th of Nov. on a RAINY Saturday morning. We had SOOO much help. And I was STILL sick. God bless the Master's Commission team---and ALL our friends and family who helped us move! We moved about 9 miles from the house we were renting. Our NEW house is amazing. It's MUCH bigger than what we were renting and just perfect for us. It's out in the country and has a pond in the back. I LOVE IT! (pics to come...I promise!)

Thanksgiving came and we spent the time with my parents. That night, Easton started to get sick and within an hour we realized he had an ear infection. Poor baby. And on a Holiday weekend too. Ugh. So sad to see your baby sick.

By Dec. Easton was doing much better. My birthday was celebrated with a bang. I invited my best girlfriends over and we made Christmas cookies and had a huge lunch. Such great friends.

Around the beginning of Dec. we were STILL trying to get internet at our new place. My husband had called them before we moved...and the internet company we had before promised us we could get internet at our new house. Then, when they came out to hook it wouldn't work. Three times they came--and three times they tried different things---but nothing worked. So, we were OUT of options. Til Spring.

Dec. 15th, Easton woke up from his nap with a HIGH fever and ANOTHER earache. Went to the Dr. and the meds he was on didn't clear up his ear infection. So, round two of meds we tried.

Dec. 24th, we spent Christmas Eve with my parents. And while there...Easton started feeling sick again. (DO you SEE a pattern?) This ear infection was the MOTHER of ALL ear infections. By Christmas Day we were to spend it with Wil's family, and poor Easton was in so much pain we went to the ER instead of the Nolt's. Poor little baby boy. His 1st Christmas, and we are in the ER. Like a good mom I took pictures!! ;)

We brought in the New Year with a vow that Easton was going to be HEALTHY....Just as soon as his ears cleared up. Let me tell you...if there was an ear treatment...I tried it. Antibiotics, Chiropractor adjustments, Ear drops, etc.

January 11th, we found out we were pregnant with Baby #2 for the Nolts. We were BEYOND excited and couldn't wait to share with everything.  Baby #2 is due Sept. 17th.

By Feb. Easton's ears were CLEARED. Thank God. Honestly, I can say I have NO idea what worked. Maybe the combo of ALL the treatments worked! ;) Feb. brought us great news that a new internet company had been working last summer and WE would be getting internet in MARCH! Such a delight. I didn't realize how much we used the internet for EVERYDAY things--Not just facebook--but life in general.

March 1st came and the new internet company came and hooked us up. Only, that day, my charger to my laptop died, and my computer had no battery life left. (only me!) I laughed. Really what could you do. So, I'm on my husband's computer. That's why there are NO pictures...they are all on my computer. Which is hibernating until SPRING.

So, that's where I've been! We've been busy. But God has been faithful.  So much more has happened. But that's just the OVERVIEW. Now, for an exciting day of LAUNDRY. Bet you wish you were at my house! ;) Talk to you soon!

Glad to be back!


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

LOVE the update!! So fun to get a peek into your life :-) :-)

Stephanie M. Page said...

Yay! Welcome back! =)

Jamie Willow said...

welcome back girly! I missed you!!!!!

Laura said...

So fun! Horay for Internet!! :)