Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pregnancy Quirks and Perks...

Being pregnant with Baby #2 I have come to realize there are some MAJOR PERKS to being pregnant...but also there are some QUIRKS to being pregnant. With that said, throughout this pregnancy I'll be posting my latest PERKS and QUIRKS. Feel free to tell me yours. Even if your "baby" is 20 yrs. old.

QUIRK of the week: I don't get "sick" until the 2nd trimester. Sickness started today. Ugh.

PERK: Because of getting sick I got to sit and read my Nook ALL DAY. ;)

See?! Now you try it!


Burkinator said...

I have nothing to contribute to this conversation, but do you like your Nook? I have a Kindle, which I think of as "my precious." ;)

D-Yella said...

Quirk: Having to leave the room suddenly to rush to the restroom, only to go a tiny bit.

Perk: Feeling her move around! She's a dancing queen and I love it!

jessica m said...

Quirk: When I get tired, I am TIREEED.

Perk: Looking wonderful in maternity clothes as baby grows! LOVE IT :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

hahah perk: you can eat whatever you feel like.

quirk: the weight you have to loose when it is all said and done. =)