Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So. So. Sew.


Remember THIS poor pitiful post?
Well, I made it.
Lately, I have been creating.

Most women feel terrible in their 3rd trimester. I don't. Month 7 and 8 are good to me.
{Let's not talk about 9}
 But, 7 and 8--what a blessing.

My house is cleaner.
My creative juices start to flow.
{My back starts to hurt}
Oh wait. Staying positive...Good.

I also spend most of my time HERE.
A pregnant girl could spend a fortune.
But, since I promised my Manly Man I'd create and stick to a family budget...
I "window" shop online.
{SEE!? I do have self control!}

Anyway, for the past few weeks I've noticed these CUTE CUTE CUTE little things called
Binky Blankie's.
So many to chose from. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
But, as I looked and looked and searched for the RIGHT blankie for this little boy...in the back of my head I kept thinking...
I could just make my own.


So. Saturday night...on our 3 year anniversary date...my husband and I stopped at a JoAnn's---
We parked the car.
I went to JoAnn's.
Manly Man went to Dick's Sporting Goods.
They are RIGHT by each other.
As if God Himself designed it.
I could hear the Angels' sing!

It should ALWAYS happen that way!!
Anyway, that's for another post.

Yes. JoAnn's. Walked in. Grabbed some fabric out I came.

So, here are pictures of my craft.

I DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT consider myself a seamstress/sewer/one who works with sewing machines and KNOWS what they are doing.
I craft.
Therefore...I can work WITH a sewing machine.
Am I good?
When I start do I think I am?
After 5 mins do I get upset with myself for thinking so much more HIGHLY of myself when it comes to the sewing machine?
Do things go wrong?
all the time.
Can I cut material straight?
not on my life.
Do I sew straight?
um. no.
So. if you can say YES to MOST of these questions...Feel free to stop reading.
{Or keep reading for some deep rooted laughter}
But, I created something and the WORLD needs to know.
So...keep your laughing to yourself.
And if you have any pointers...after I have this baby...I'd be interested in hearing them!
Here it is....The {NEWEST} Baby Nolt's blankie.
{Name to come...one day!}

These are the two fabrics I picked out. LOVE THEM. The light green is SO soft. I just picture my little boy with this little blankie and can't wait to meet him.
I didn't want this blankie BIG. And I really wanted it small. Something he could hold in his hands and not get lost in...or drug on the floor. I THINK when I "cut" it out I made it 18 inches by 20.5 inches. Don't ask me if that is even right. Math and I never get along. :)

Then, after that, I sewed all the way around it...right sides together. {seriously, in sewing class in Jr. High I NEVER understood the term RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. I honestly thought it meant the RIGHT (not left) sides get put together. JUST last week (no joke) I realized they meant the "prettier side fabric--aka--the RIGHT side together.} I might have laughed for a a long time at myself over this. And I still might be laughing now.
AND, if I'm wrong with my "pretty fabric" being the 'right' side...then I'll laugh again.
But, now it makes more sense.
See? Beginnner.

I didn't get a pic of it...(SORRY) but I left about 2 inches open and pulled the fabric through the 2 inch hole. Then, ironed it.
I then, attached the ribbon that will be used as his 'paci holder.'
You will see what I mean...in pics to come!

Then, I got really REALLY really creative. The front fabric had squares on it and I thought it would look cute if I added a quilted look. So, I just made {somewhat} straight lines with my sewing machine. Have I mentioned that I married into a Horse and Buggy Mennonite family...and ALL of them know how to sew? And make quilts. And quilt quilts. They do it for a living.
Pretty sure, this blankie WILL NOT be at any of our family events. They can spot 'hand-made' MILES away...and take delight looking over every little fine detail.
Moving on...

Here is the ribbon I put on the end of the blankie. And is also where my 1st mistake was that I noticed.
My 1st was cutting out the material and the two fabrics didn't measure up.
Who cares. I didn't even try to fix that...
And apparently I didn't try to fix the ribbon either.
I am a GET IT DONE girl.
The main reason I took that pic was just to show you my mistake.
{Love me anyway}

And, so, my blankie is almost complete.
I still have some things that need to be done to it.
For one, I need to decide what paci I want to use for this child.
{Or what paci he wants!}
So I'm waiting to finish the ribbon and attach the paci.

Now, some may ask..."Are you even sure your child will take a paci?"
And I answer..."I don't know."
But, from past experience, Easty took his paci day 1. Loved it. And to this day, still LOVES it.
He hides them around our house, and when he thinks I'm not looking he goes and finds one and sucks on it.
(My rule for him now is paci's are only at bedtime, church, and car.)
{He has other ideas}

And, from the ultra sound we had the other day, this baby was sucking the whole time.

So, I THINK we will use a paci...
If not, then I'll cut the ribbon off and just use the blankie.

And, my friends, that's the final picture...showing you that I can craft. Use a sewing machine and have a blankie turn out in SOME form of a blankie.
Pretty sure these puppies wouldn't sell on Etsy...but for my baby boy...it will work just fine!

OH...and how much did all this cost me?
That's right.

The ones I wanted were about $20.00

What a deal!


jessica m said...

OH I LOVe this post because I totally understand about the 'right side in' or out or whatever it is! But I think your paci blankie is ADORABLE and you did a good job :) Better than I ;)

alignaCristina said...

I love the blanket rachel!!! Good job sweetie you are a great crafter:)

Bri said...

Rach! I love this! I have gone through this same stage during 3rd trimester & decided I would sew my own boppy cover. I am not crazy about the patterns they use as pillow covers for them at the store, so I made my own. I completely understand the "right side" comment. If it weren't for youtube tutorials, I'd be stuck! Anyway... I somehow figured out how to sew a zipper & make it all come together. (it's not perfect, but it will work!) Way to stay within your budget, have fun & make memories doing so!!!