Saturday, March 24, 2012

...and we ate cake!

After months of planning, the big birthday party is over. Just like that. But let me tell you...this birthday party delivered. 

Months ago, I thought of a HORSE theme birthday party. Which moved into a Cowboy theme. And so started the planning. I had so much fun planning and seeing everything take shape. And so, my son's birthday party in pictures.

LIBBY...sister, this is for you. 
Grandma, Linc, and the Birthday Boy himself...with his horse Aunt Lois got him. BIG hit. And can I just say, those are MY kind of animals.....

Before the party Easton got a Thomas the Train hat from Grandma and Papaw and a horse from Aunt Lois. And this is what you would see before the party--hat on--horse by his side.

My nephew, Tristan, he wanted to ride this and rode it until it was almost dead. For real. He loved it so much I sent it home with him. 

Party favors for the Mama's. Fall Sugar scrubs. So fun. And they smell AWESOME!

Favors for the kids...CUTE little Cowboy boots crayons. For real. I about died as I was making them and how cute they were. Not practical in ANYWAY to color. But cute. Very cute. 

Play-doh Cowboy hat. More party favors for the kids.

Plates. :)

About the time the party started, E and T headed down to our pond and saw a goose. And, wouldn't you know...they became obsessed over this goose and wouldn't leave it alone. I thought we'd have to have a pond party because they wouldn't budge. Ahhhh the memories. 

Candy and lots of treats.

All of my signs were made with my Cricut. Love that thing.

Lil' Cowpoke. For real...the cutest thing ever.

All the cups had horses on them! :)

And Aunt Lois and I stayed up late Thursday (late for us) night making our mock town. We had the JAIL-POST OFFICE-GENERAL STORE all together. BIG hit for the kids. They loved going in and out of them! 

What town wouldn't be complete without a good church and school!?

The train....because our Wild West had a train come to town!

The crafting table!

The train again....

Checking out the Post Office.

His 1st pet......

Taking Bulls-eye on a walk. 

Teaching him to come. 

And jump.

My beautiful Mom and Grandma. 

Playing "rocks" with Kenzie.

Lots of family and friends!


Some of Easton's older cousins dressed as Cowboys!

More cousins!!!

Cute story...At one point in the madness of the party I looked around and couldn't find Easton. (Happened several times.) There he was in the corner of the shop sitting on Wil's lawn mower. And E was begging for a ride. My little party animal....

Lola meeting all her future cousins. (She's going to marry Easton!)

Cousin craft time....

Girls love to craft!

Danielle and Ryan and Caleb!

The horse learning some new tricks!

The dads all talking....




So cute!

All those girls are sisters! There are 9 kids in the family...7 girls!

She's the Mama to the 9 kids! this is her baby! 

My brother-in-law with my sweetie Livia-Love!

Cousins playing!

FINALLLLLLY getting to eat cake!!!

We practiced blowing out the fire. He loved to practice!

My sweet baby is 2. Love him.

The frosting is sooooo good. 



Gift time!

Lola knows the way to his heart! 

He loves horses!

And, when the party was over, Easton went with his friends and played in the dirt pile. Cause after all, playing in the dirt is more fun if you are 2....!

Cousin T showing him how it's done.

Dirt is SO much fun if you are a boy! (Just ask Hadassah. She couldn't quite figure out why the boys were having so much fun!)

Working hard.

Slam dunk. Just for Papaw! ;)

Brothers! So sweet!

And so, we had a great day! The weather was perfect and friends and family make the best friends to be around! 
Can't believe my baby boy will be 2 on Tuesday. 

Happy Birthday, Easton Paul!


Amanda Nash said...

ummmmm WOWWWW! i am amazed at not only decor and theme of this party but how do you do this for that many people?? you sure are amazing Rachel!! now get some rest:)

Lib at Truly His said...

Ahhhh, I loved it!!! All the details were awesome. Aunt Lo told me all about the "town" and apologized for not doing it for my party... Ha!! That's how good it turned out. ;) It looks amazing!! Tell Easty we love him!!!

alignaCristina from SomekindofParadise said...

Happy. Birthday Easton!!! You have the greatest mama ever:)))