Friday, March 16, 2012


There are few things I know about in life. There are millions of things I don't know about and wish I did.  Growing up with 2 sisters and 1 brother--I got the sister thing. LOVE having sisters. Love it. Although they were much younger than me we still have tight relationships. 
My brother and I were closer in age (22 months) and we were always together. We were so close growing up and still are. 

Because we only have 1 brother--I never knew about 

I've heard stories. 
College friends share their 'brother' stories.
Brother-in-laws share about growing up with brothers and all the fun they had as kids.

But, I never saw it 1st hand. 
Until almost 6 months ago.

I have 2 boys. 
Easton will be 2 in 11 days.
Lincoln will be 6 months in a week.
Their brotherhood started off like many a brothers before them.
A toddler and a newborn. All your hopes and dreams of a close relationship are just that:
You can't force Brotherhood. It has to happen on it's own. You can guide and pray and dream...
but it only works when they are ready. 
In their own time.

The bigger brother notices the younger brother 1st. 
And over time, the younger brother starts to notice the bigger one.

And, that's when the magic starts.

It's an unspoken magic. A watchful eye. A shy smile. But in those moments of silence that's where the magic grows. Little by little, the magic takes a bigger step and the brotherhood gets closer. It happens when Mama's leave the room and little boys get to look at each other and try to figure things out. 
It grows at story time when both boys are on Mama's lap and are bonding over tractors, balls, trains, and trucks. It happens during bath time, bed time, and in the oddest places. 

There's lots of learning going on in this brotherhood. Sharing, being gentle, and being quiet when each are sleeping. There may even be jealousy moments and moments of misunderstanding, but those are expected and are times for growth and teaching. Brotherhood isn't perfect. But, almost. 

I didn't know that 2 boys can have so much fun being together at such a young age. The floor is a level playing field and their toys are tools to help them share and grow. Each of them have a philosophy, "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine." And at the end of the day, it all works out. 

There are smiles. And grins. And boy giggles. Which are sweeter than girl giggles. Because girls are expected to giggle. Boys giggle and I'm sure all of Heaven stops to hear. Because, it's just precious. And sweet. And it's extra special when boy giggles are brothers giggling over silly things that no one will ever understand even if we try. It's a brother thing.

I didn't know that brotherhood started so young. That when brothers wake up in the morning each of them look or ask for each other right away. That when you put them in the car they look over at the other car seat just to make sure I buckled their brother too.

That when one brother is outside the other one HAS to be outside. 
That when one brother is sleeping life isn't the same.

There are many things I love and cherish. But my new thing I adore are 
Brothers have their whole lives ahead of them to make memories, share stories, and live adventures.
They can be Cowboys, Aliens, Space Rangers, or Horses. 
They share secrets and share foods that 5 month olds are not suppose to eat. (pickles and cheese so far) But, it's all because they are

When one cries...the other one will start crying too. After all, when one brother hurts, so does the other.
When one needs a kiss, so does the other.
It's just how the Brother code works. 
Sharing is key. In everything. 
Good or bad.

Balloons are favorite past times for brothers. But, brothers don't share balloons. Each brother needs their own. 
Another Brother Code.
It's a tricky code to learn.
And the biggest Brother code is to fall apart when Mama wants to get a cute Valentine picture. Because that's more fun. Brothers don't do boring or picture perfect. They wanna keep things fun and keep Mama's on their toes. 
But that's ok. Because this MIGHT be my favorite picture ever. 
It's all part of the Brother code that I know nothing of--but am learning.

There's lots of touching.  And lots of gentleness. Lots of pats and hugs and sweet moments that brothers share. 

Lots of exploring and learning new things and new adventures ahead.
There are lots of wild moments too. Times of shouting, and jumping, rolling, and pulling. Wrestling and sitting on top of each other. Yes. Already. But it's all part of being brothers. 

There will be secrets. There will be flashlights. And tents. Late nights. And mud. And food.
Brothers always have food. 

There will be moments where they don't need to talk. Because they each know what the other is thinking.

And there will be moments when sticking your finger in your brother's mouth is funny.
What?! You don't think so--because it's only funny in Brother hood. 

And when it's all said and done...and they grow up and become world changing men...

They will still be brothers.

Blessed to be a Mama of 2 boys!


Amanda Nash said...

OMGOSH RACHEL! I love it! As a woman who ALWAYS wanted only girls because they "dont do stinky things like fart and belching), its wierd but ever since Leo was born i have been praying and dreaming of a brother for him!!!!

alignaCristina from SomekindofParadise said...

*tears* Can i just say as a mama of 10yr old boys who's having a hard time sleeping tonight this just made my NIGHT!! Love it:) Brings back all sorts of amazing memories of watching my boys play,laugh ahhh and rachel time really does fly...Your a great mama!!!

P.S. write it all down.. all those funny moments and things they say:)))

Dixie Phillips said...

I am sooo proud of you, Rachel. You are such a good mama. I know Jesus is allowing Granny to peer down from heaven and catch a glimpse of the AWESOME job you are doing. I love you. MOMMY

Lib at Truly His said...

***TEARS*** This is beyond precious & as an auntie was wondering why you were hiding all the wonderful pictures from me??? :) They are so sweet, Rachel!! So sweett!

MegsM said...

I love this!!!! And I can't believe I wasn't "following" you before!! How weird!!