Saturday, January 25, 2014

A birth story: Knightley Phillips Nolt

Oh Knightley,
 You birth was a wonderful experience. One that was so full of happiness and anticipation. It felt like the world was watching and waiting to see when you would come. Lots of prayers were prayed in the upcoming days before your arrival. And, through it all, God walked every step with us.

The story starts 6 days after my due date. We arrive at the Dr's office for a FULL day of testing.
Ultrasound. Non-stress test. OB appointment.

We got into the OB appointment and he said that if I didn't go into labor by Monday morning, he would induce me. 
And so, induction was set. 

When he said those words, a peace came over me. God knew. He was with me. Despite all my efforts of going into labor, God was in control and He had a birthday picked out for this baby. 

I had been induced with Easton. And it wasn't pretty. 

Lincoln was 6 days late, and came on his own.

I knew, deep in my heart, that I wouldn't go on my own with this baby. And, God was asking me to face a fear and make it a full circle moment. 

So began my walk of faith for the birth of this baby.

Wil and I arrived at the hospital around 6 am. By 9 am, my parents showed up and not a whole lot of things were happening. Just a waiting game. Wil and my dad even went out for breakfast! (They had that planned!) 

Around 11 am, I had a huge contraction. At that moment, I asked for an epidural. I have done natural births and pitocin births. They are not the same. 
And just like was good.

Around 1:45 pm, my dad and Wil went to Wal-mart. Around 2:15 the Dr told me to text Wil and have him come back....the baby was coming soon. 
Wil walked in right as they were getting ready for the baby to come!

At 2:41 p.m. on his BIG brother, Lincoln's 2nd birthday, Knightley Phillips Nolt was born.

He was perfect. 

1st bath. He wasn't a fan.

He warmed up to the idea.

Meeting his cousin, Avrie!

Big brothers meeting Knightley!

The 2 birthday boys!

Meeting Aunt Beka!

Loving on Daddy!

Tristan kept saying, "I thought he was a girl!" 

The Nolt family

Blessed beyond measure!

My Mr. Knightley!

Even 4 months later I get teary eyed when I think about Knightley's birth. And, how even looking at the stats: 10 days late. Induction. Pitocin. Epidural. Big baby (9 pounds 6 oz.) it doesn't look promising. But, I serve a faithful God. And He was with me every step of the way!!!

Praising Him for our sweet little boy...

What Joy Knightley brings to our lives! We are blessed!!

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