Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Call

He is here!!! My sweet 3rd boy has arrived. Knightley Phillips Nolt was born on his big brother's 2nd birthday, Sept, 23, 2013. His birth story is soon as I find time to blog. Which I hope is sooner than later. ;)

But, while my memory is fresh, and all three boys are sleeping...I wanted to type this out so I'll remember it always.

Knightley was born last Monday. And on Tuesday afternoon, there was a lull in visitors and it was just me and Knightley. We were both resting on the bed and I was praying over his life and thinking about how me....Rachel Michelle Phillips Nolt was going to raise 3 boys. After all, I am a girl.

And, as I was sitting there...and even today, I was reminded of the story of Peter and Jesus.

Jesus: Peter! Do ya love me?
Peter: Yes. I do!
Jesus: Feed my sheep!

Jesus: Peter! Do you love me?
Peter: Yes, I do!
Jesus: Take care of my sheep!!

Jesus: Peter, do you love me!?
Peter: YES. I do!
Jesus: Feed my sheep!!!

Peter really didn't quite understand what Jesus was meaning. But, in the end of Peter's life, I am sure he understood fully what FEED MY SHEEP meant.

And, as I looked at Knightley....I heard Jesus say to me.

Jesus: Rachel, Do you love me?
Me: Yes, Lord, I do.
Jesus: Raise Easton for me!

Jesus: Rachel, Do you love me?
Me: Yes, Lord, I do.
Jesus: Raise Lincoln for me!!

Jesus: Rachel, Do you love me?
Me: Yes, Lord, I do.
Jesus: Raise Knightley for me!!!

And so. My calling just got deeper. More real. There are 3 little souls in my home that I am in charge of: to raise for Him. To show them Jesus. And to help them grow and become Godly men. It's scary. And it's exciting all at the same time. But, it's MY calling. And, as I told Jesus in that hospital room...I do love you. And I will raise them for YOU.

"So remind me Lord you called me. Sometimes I may grow weary, but if one soul is saved it's worth it all. When I see those teardrops falling, remind me of my calling, and may I never run from the call."

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