Friday, July 26, 2013

When my 1st born was a baby I had this plan. He was gonna be the perfect boy. Manners. Never dirty. Always polite. And never wild. Then, I got pregnant again...and thought for sure this baby was a girl. At 20 weeks we found out the baby was a BOY. And panic set it. How could I raise boys?!?!? The only thing I ever knew about boys was feed them and they will love you. I prayed...."God!!! Help me. I have so much fear of failing in raising boys. And they have sooo much energy. And I don't have any....PLUS. boys are dangerous. And try death defying things that will make my heart stop." 

And only God can do spoke into my deepest part of my heart and said: "Let go. Let go of your plans and ideas for them and let them be boys. Let them climb rocks and trees and BE who I called them to be. Let them run. Be wild. Make messes in the house. Because thats how I created them. My plans are better than yours. My calling is greater than your ideas for them. I designed them with their calling in mind. Yes. There will be ER trips, broken bones, stitches and lots of accidents. But I am the controller of all things and its best to trust them to me. You teach them to love what is right. Obey and serve others. And leave the rest up to me. I called you to be their Mama...and just like each mother who has boys I give special grace to them. Trust me in what I am doing and leave everything up to me. I have everything under control. So. Its time to let go And stop worrying. Mama's who have boys need to love more and worry less. I got this." the past 22 months that's what I have tried to do. My boys climb higher...jump farther...and slide faster than normal. They have the "boy" thing down. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Their fearless nature makes me a better Mama. Their energy makes me wanna have more energy. Their love wants me to have more love and compassion. They are precious in their Fathers sight. I am excited about their future and so proud to be their Mama. So. If you are a Mama of boys and like me...are tired. And think they will always be wild...take heart. God has grace for you today. And a plan for each boy. Trust your son to Him. Because He knows what He is doing. ‪#‎motherof2boys‬ ‪#‎grace‬ ‪#‎boys‬

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