Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 things...

5 things I am LOVING right now...

1. The book, "So Long, Insecurity you've been a bad friend to us" Reading it has been a JOY!
2. The Olympics every night! I just watch and watch...staying up WAAAY past this pregnant girl's bedtime.
3. Feeling Baby E moving in my tummy. Best moments of my life.
4. Hanging out with friends who have babies a few months older than my baby. I see what I have to look forward to and LOVE that they are there for WISDOM!
5. My mornings---I love getting up and checking facebook/blogger and then diving into the Word of God for some much needed moments with HIM!

5 things that make me laugh...

1. Wil's quote from the other night--"From the time I ordered my buggy (My husband was raised horse and buggy mennonite, but left the church when he was 21ish) to the time I got my buggy my agenda had changed." It still makes me laugh!
2. My nephew's new scream he does. (about to drive my sister nuts...but it makes me laugh everytime!)
3. How my belly has changed...and how it looks. God sure knew what He was doing!
4. Reading the funniest blog today...I still laugh about it. You can read it HERE Feel free to laugh! The kicker is the earrings!
5. Thinking God must laugh sometimes at what some people say...

5 things I'm no too fond of...

1. Our need for groceries right now. Just NOT in the mood to go shopping tomorrow.
2. The heartburn I suffer everynight no MATTER what I eat...or don't eat.
3. The backpain that comes and goes each day. Grrr....4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.
4. The idea that your house WILL NOT stay clean.
5. Dreams I have about labor...3 nights in a row! ONE I was 6 months overdue!

5 things that I'm looking forward to...

1. My book that's coming in the mail tomorrow. Yes, I totally track my books on UPS.com
2. Shopping next week for baby things I still need!!
3. SPRING...cause it's coming!!
4. Using all these great gifts people have given me over the past few months!
5. Meeting this little baby boy for the 1st time.

5 things I did today...

1. Went to a friend's house to visit.
2. Took a hot bath to help my back.
3. Made my husband his FAVORITE sandwiches for supper.
4. Watched my nephew so my sister could teach music class.
5. Started a new book and am loving it!


jessica m said...

I love how you write...
Blesses me everytime...

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Fun post! :)

Erin said...

Cute post. Following you from Friday Follow. I promise I'm not late. Just early for tomorrow!