Thursday, March 31, 2011

Botanical Garden photo shoot

Tuesday was a DREAM come true. A DREAM. You can READ about my dream come true HERE. So, Tuesday, I wake up BRIGHT and EARLY. And I focus on the EARLY. My sweet, always been a good sleeper, Always--12 hours a night since he was 8 weeks old little boy woke up at 5am. That's 3 HOURS earlier than normal. So, we started our day. Cause we had to look cute for pics. After our EARLY morning I go pick up my sister and we headed to the big city of Des Moines.

It was 20 mins into our trip when I realized I LEFT.MY.CAMERA.AT.HOME. Almost in tears..almost. I had SO many plans of camera happiness. So many. But, my sister had her BIG, BAD camera and told me she'd take pics....after all, it's what she does for a living. Still. My cheap, little camera I dont' really like was at home. Saddest part of the day.

But, Tuesday was a dream come true. Camera or no camera...nothing was raining of my parade.

My sweet early riser. So TIRED. All the way to Des Moines. (A 2 hr. ride)
My sweet little nephew--looking for snacks. Or--looking at Easton to see if he has a better snack. Let's pause for a moment and talk about how WONDERFUL my sister is...I drove and that left Beka with the HARDEST part. Tristan.and.Easton. They both learned that if they said, "Mama" food was given. And, if you gave a banana to ONE boy, you better believe "Mama-Mama!" came from the other. She is 35 weeks pregnant and I can't TELL you how many times she had to REACH back and get a sippy, toy, snack, book, etc. on our trip. Good job, Beka. For that, may your baby come BEFORE your due date and may your labor be short. You deserve it!

WE FINALLY arrived at the Botanical Garden. So perfect for a photo shoot!! We met Mckmama right away and she started snapping pictures. Since ALL of us were IN the pics, we didn't take ANY pics with our camera. BUT, after Mckmama went off to another family to shoot, Beka got out her camera and here is the proof!

Looking at the fish. The boys favorite. And I do mean, we spent ALL of our time here. A-L-L.

My sweet fearless little boy. Not afraid to stick his head through and see the fish and turtles.

Tristan and Easton throwing coins into the water. (E spent more time trying to put the penny in his mouth) Gross!

TRYING to throw...

Looking at the fish and turtles.

See the fish? There were quite a few!!!!

Trying to the boys away from the see the pretty flowers...

It worked for ALL of 2 mins.

Trying again....

BUT, it was BACK to the turtles and fish. Our one true love! It was SOO cute, Beka and I didn't mind!
Sweet little boy!

After that, it was SOOOOOO hot in the 'garden' that we left. We were in the car for 5 mins. and both boys were asleep. We headed to the mall and spent some good time just walking around and shopping. Must of been a sight...two pregnant sisters each with a 1 year old. But memories were made!

The rest of the day was spent in the car going home. Easton had his 1st Kid's Meal from McDonalds. (All because of  the theory "Monkey eat..other Monkey eats." He loved it...because Tristan loved it.

We then drove to our brother and his wife's house and spent some time there with them and friends.

Back in the car for the REST of the drive home. Ugh. Not fun for ANYONE.IN.THE.CAR.
1st: Tristan started crying...he fell asleep soon after that.
2nd: Easton started crying...and crying...and crying....

BUT, it was a GREAT day and we don't need to dwell on the ENDING.
After of my dreams can true!!

(Pics by Mckmama will be here within 6 weeks. You better believe I will post them!)


Ruth Ann said...

I have been anxiously waiting to hear about your day! Love these pictures but absolutely CANNOt wait for Mkmama pics!!!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I hate when i forget my camera! So So cute pics tho and what fun--mcmama!!! celebs by association!

jessica m said...

Yay for dreams coming true! :) Looks like a blessed day!