Friday, April 1, 2011

Deal...or NO Deal.

As many of you know...I taught middle school for 7 years. And in those 7 years, I played Deal or NO Deal with my students...OFTEN.
Honestly, it's one of THE best games when it comes to Middle Schoolers.
Cause you get YOUR way...and they get theirs.

For instance, this might be a DEAL OR NO DEAL situation.

Say something came up at school where they kids didn't get to work on their lessons like normal. Or we were getting OUT early...I'd say: "If you ALL work AS HARD as you can...with NO talking and fooling around...I just might make a DEAL to allow NO homework...or at least lower the amount of homework given."
And, I got my way...and they got their way. They worked like a dog. Hard. Quiet. Motivated.
They loved my deal...
and I loved their deal.

Well, I no longer work with students. I now, stay home with my 1 year old and take care of my house. Somedays I'd like to make a deal with the kitchen...or washing machine.
But, they don't like my deals.

And my 1 year old doesn't know how to play Deal or NO Deal.
So, sometimes I play by myself.
It's not as fun.
That just means I have more work to do.

And, that my friend, is what brings us to YESTERDAY.

Honestly, I don't know what was wrong with Easton. But, he wasn't Easton.
He was crabby. Clingy. Needy. Whiney. Fussy.
And just not Easton.

I think he's teething. (and he is a TERRIBLE teether. Just terrible)
So, yesterday, I did NOTHING. But hold him.
And hold him.
And after that got old for him...we took a drive. JUST to have him forget his crabbiness.

When Daddy came home, I GLADLY handed him over and said,
"Deal or NO deal! If you watch Easton I'll bake some cookies."

I thought it was a GRAND idea! Wil has been asking me to bake cookies for over a week now...and I JUST haven't had time.
It was a WIN-WIN situation!
Cookies for Wil...
Time to myself for me!

And the DEAL was done.

I was excited. I mean. EXCITED. No wiping noses. No fussy baby on my hip. Just me. A 30 min. break. Alone. In my kitchen. To create.

See, I planned to make these cookies in the morning...but, sweet little peanut didn't let me.
So last night, I was SET and working on MY part of the DEAL.

I grabbed my computer and was following the recipe from Mrs. B.  If you don't follow her blog STOP right now and go do it. I'll wait. You are missing out on a treasure. Her blog will make you come back for more.
Really. GO. NOW.

Ok. Now that you are a follower of Mrs. B...let's talk about the cookies she has mastered.
And my Deal or NO Deal...

Computer is READY to try these famous Chocolate Chip Cookies she makes. My butter had been sitting out for HOURS. And, her RULE is...FOLLOW this recipe to the T. So, like any good student, I did.

As I was getting out ALL of my ingredients I look down to see this....
WHAT!?! How are YOU in the kitchen? I laugh...and pick Sweet Babes up and take him to his father.
After all...a Deal's a deal! Right?

30 mins ALL to myself....

I get ready to make the 1st step. Taking my bowl over to the mixer...and

Our conversation goes something like this...
"Um, Wil. Can you get Easton?"
"Oh, is he in your way?"
"Um, well, no. But, you said you'd watch him if I baked cookies."
"Oh. Come Easton."
And I pick Easty pants up and take him to daddy.

I read the blog. Beat in one egg at a time...

I look down again...
What can I say...he loves me.
Our conversation:
"Easton, come to daddy."
I pick E-Pie up and take him to daddy.

I finish the mixing part...take a little taste and OH MY WORD. Divine.
Best cookie dough ever.
So. soft.
Couldn't wait to pop them into the oven and try them baked.
I put them in the oven and turn around...

WELL, hello there my sweet baby!
This time, he's not under my feet...he's just drifting through. I laugh.
But, my end of the deal is still in progress.
After all, a deals a deal.

I am about ready to start my 2nd baking sheet of cookies..WHEN....

Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.
He comes back.
Only by now, the crabbiness is gone. And he's smiling and happy.
He smells cookies.

I check on them...ALMOST READY.

And, after that, I lost track of how many more times Easton came to visit me in the kitchen. At one point when I was dealing with the oven...I told Wil he HAD to keep him in there because of HOT cookie sheets coming out of the oven.

But, let me tell you...the cookies...Divine. Some of the B-E-S-T I have ever tasted.
Perfect cookie.
Don't believe ME!?

We let Easton try a bite...
He's a huge fan.

And, although, our DEAL or NO DEAL was broken...
Wil did get some cookies.
He's a fan too.

So, next time you need some GOOOOOD over to Mrs. B's blog.
Make 'um.
And tell her I sent ya.
You will love them!
Just remember....
Deal or no deal is for middle schoolers....not for husbands!

(no marriages were harmed in the making of the cookies.)


Mrs. B. said...

So cute. So so so cute! I love seeing my cookies make a baby boy happy.
Sad story = I have NEVER made these cookies for lil Britt. Must remedy that. It's on my to-do list. ;)
Thanks for the link love.
Enjoy the cookies!!! You're pregnant and ALLOWED!

jessica m said...

Funniest post EVER! I love Wil's pinky finger in the last photo! Your baby boy loves you so much! I will be trying these cookies!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Oh my goodness. Cutest post EVER!! :) What a sweetie.. and I HAVE to try those cookies!

Stephanie M. Page said...

YUMMY! AND I can TOTALLY relate to your "deal" with your hubby--they are little clueless sometimes but you gotta love em! ;) you make me giggle out loud!!!!

Truly His said...

HAHAHHA! I laughed everytime I saw Easton pop on to the screen!! Hilarious!! I am going to Mrs. B's and getting the recipe!!