Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lacking Motivation...



Easton has been UP the last 2 nights with an EAR INFECTION.
Last night we were up for about 2 hours.
The night before...we were UP more than we were asleep.

Poor baby.
My heart breaks when he can't sleep....Cause Easty LOVES his sleep.
And so does this Mama!

So, knowing I've hardly had ANY sleep the past 2 nights...
ALL energy goes OUT the window.

Help me get motivated....
Any tips for a tired Mama who had EVERYTHING to do?

I'm all ears...or eyes in this case...just sitting on my couch waiting to hear from you! 


jessica m said...

So sorry :( Lack of sleep is NOT fun!
Some things that help me:
B vitamins
Praying over and over 'Jesus help me cuz today I won't make it with out you!'
Taking naps when I can
Going to bed as early as possible
Hope you get much needed rest!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Take a nap and go to your moms. then start the next day one thing at a time. hehehehehehe. =)