Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Confession: Turns out...I am a terrible blogger. So sorry. Life just gets away from me. Sad.

This Friday I'll be 23 weeks pregnant with BABY BOY #2!!! In my book...week 23 starts the 6th month. WHEW! We are making it!

Here are just a few PERKS and QUIRKS about this pregnancy...

Ligament pain. Ugh. Wow. It's terrible this time. So bad, I kind of wanna remove my ligaments. I'd put them back once the baby was born...:)

Heartburn. Like BIGTIME heartburn. Major heartburn. With Easton, just a little heartburn...this is...well, I'd take out my heart too, along with the ligaments....

Swollen ankles. I have TINY ankles and legs. But when I get pregnant, I swear they just retain water and they don't look my legs. So. This summer, I'll be leaving my flip flops at home and grabbing my tennis shoes. It's ok. This girl dresses for comfort more than fashion.

Let's get to the good stuff!!

Like feeling this little boy move ALL THE TIME! Really. He's already cute! He flips and dives and swims and kicks like he's enjoying himself.

Having an excuse to sit. What!?!? There are toys all over my living room? That's ok..I'm pregnant. And need to sit. So I'll leave the toys and check facebook and read a good book! ;)

Watching my body transform. Every day it changes. (this might go under both PERKS and QUIRKS!) Yet, I know that this is how God intended it to I watch with wonder. Amazing!

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Stephanie M. Page said...

oh I love being pregnant, although the heartburn...ugh. =)