Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 things...

Three things....

Favorite foods I am craving this pregnancy:
1. Fruit
2. Peanut butter
3. The haystacks I had at my sister in laws

Things that are driving me nuts this pregnancy:
1. How my brain is WAY more active than my body.
2. Ligament pain that keeps me from getting more things done.
3. Looking at my house and wanting it SPOTLESS but no energy to clean.

Things that excite me:

1. SUMMER is coming---and that means POOLTIME!
2. Moving into my 6th month of pregnancy! (tomorrow!)
3. Mopping my floors with my new steam mop! (dork...YEP!)

Things I wanna do this summer:

1. Swim. Just be at the pool!
2. Relax. Hoping this summer is really "lazy."
3. Catch up on some good books.

Things that NEED to get done this summer:
1. Get Easton's room ready for a new baby brother.
2. Get the house ready for a new baby.
3. Take a vacation with Wil.

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