Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainy Day...'s rainy. Like...ALL day rain. No break. No thunder. No lighting. Just rain, rain, rain, rain.

Easton and I had a lazy day. We slept in, ate a late breakfast. Didn't get dressed right away and just played. We played with cars, trains, balls, and a turtle. We read books that went brrrm brrrrm, That's not my... and lift a flap. We ate lunch that consisted of not very healthy things. PB&J for Easty. AND, rice for me. White rice...worst kind of rice you can eat...I think!

The one productive thing we did today was go through ALL the DVDs and make sure they were in the RIGHT case. We also dusted. (I use WE lightly...Easton wasn't interested.)

And, then, we watched a movie.

Finally, around 1pm Easty took a nap. I got to take a shower.

After Easton got up...he was TIRED of being inside. All morning he would go to the door asking to go outside. He's grab his daddy's hat and put it on...a sign for OUTSIDE.

Finally, it was time to get the mail. Grabbing Easton's rain coat and an umbrella and out we went. It was cold and wet. Not the warm summer rain. The cold rain that spring brings when it's confused. I carried Easton to the mailbox and he could hear the pitter patter of rain as it hit the umbrella. He loved it. And just watched!

Finally, on the way back Easton wanted down. I put him down and he headed RIGHT for the puddle. At 1st, I tried to get him out of the puddle. And then it HIT me...I'm gonna be a mama of 2 boys. And I gotta get use to this...what's a little water? what's a little dirt? what's a little bit more laundry? He's having fun. And so, I went to get my camera.

After all, they do so say, DANCE IN THE RAIN.

And so, WE DID!!!!

Puddles and little boys go together--just like PB&J!

Why buy Easton a raincoat if you can't use it?? Guess I will be buying him some rainboots to match! ;)

An adventure waiting to happen....

And so, we danced and played in the rain.

What a great memory for both Easty and myself.

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Ruth Ann said...

LOVED reading your post today!!! Such cute pictures!!!!