Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being about my Father's business

My goal was to blog more. And, then, Linc and I on Christmas Eve spilled water on my computer. And, no computer=no blogging. Here I sit with my husband's computer while he's out...and I have something on my heart for someone. I don't know who...but I know someone needs to hear/read this.

Years ago, I graduated from college and came home to teach. I was single. My town had 350 people. All of which were older retired people or young families raising kids. My high school friends had graduated, got married and moved on. I was alone.

Lots of people were SO good to me. They all loved me and wanted me to find that someone special. They tried to tell me about their brother's cousin's sister's son who lived in Alaska. Single. Good-looking and loaded. But, I wasn't in Alaska. And he wasn't coming to Iowa. I had little boys ride their bikes up to me while taking a walk and ask if I wanted to date their dad. (no joke) I had people who wanted me to sign up for online dating and find my soulmate through email. And, although one of my favorite movies of all time is 'You've got Mail' I didn't know what to do.

So I went to Jesus and asked Him to show me. I prayed. And read my Bible. I asked questions like this, "Lord, do you want me to move to Alaska or a different state?" "Do you want me to marry a man who has kids?" And "Is this your will for me to sign up for online dating?" Now, I want to stop right here and  clarify that I have had friends who have done ALL of these things...and it worked for them. They are all married, and happy. None of these things are bad...I was asking for God's Will. And this is what I heard for ME.

I was reading in my Bible about Rebekah and how she still lived with her parents AT HOME. Her job each day was to go down to the well and get water. Every day. A very boring job. But much needed for the family to function. One day, she went down and met a man at the well. He was a servant and she asked if he needed water. She gave him and his camels water. He then asked if she wanted to marry his master's son. (Crazy proposal!) And she said YES. She went with him and met Isaac and they were happily married.

The part that really struck me was this: She stayed about her Father's business. She wasn't worried about life. She was doing with she was called to do at that time. Get water from the well.

God spoke and said, "Rachel Michelle Phillips--Stay about MY business. Drink from MY WELL and be filled." And so I did. For 7 years I taught at Lighthouse Academy and loved it. God had called me there and it was rewarding. I was staying about my Father's business. Doing my part for the Kingdom. Some days it was excitement. Other days it was boring. Some days it was hard. Other days it was a delight.

And what happened? God brought my husband to our church. His father's servant didn't propose...Wil did himself. But, everything just fell into place.

Now, I am married with 2 kids under 2. Somedays I question if I should be doing more. Lighthouse always needs help. The church needs workers. What should I be doing? I am reminded of the words spoken years ago. I'm to STAY about my Father's business. And right now, my two boys are my Father's business. My home is my Father's business. My marriage is my Father's business. That is what I'm called to do.

So today friends, if you are struggling with something...or you are waiting for something to happen: Take heart! Stay about your Father's business. Support your church--Sundays, Wednesdays, and when the doors are open. Focus on your marriage...your children, and your walk with God. If you are single embrace it and Stay about your Father's business. The rewards are amazing. And when the waiting comes to an will find that the waiting wasn't as long as you thought.

So today: Stay about YOUR Father's business!


alignaChristina said...

Rachel i loved reading your blog today!!! So encouraging:))

Website finder said...

God sent your blog post to me today via Facebook. I have spent today trying to figure out why my husband has Cancer, 2 under 2 and too much month at the end of the money You have brought be a peace to me and reminded me that God really does have a plan. Thank you.

Claire said...

Wow, Rachel, this is beautiful. I sent this on to a friend of mine as well! But it was so encouraging to me as I often look to do "more" than what I am doing! I wonder if I should be involved in some bigger ministry or if I should be working or if I should do a million things other than what is on my plate.... but your post reminded me that God clearly has given me these 3 children to raise and love and nurture. To raise them to be godly is my Father's business! Thank you for reminding me to be constant. Thank you for your beautiful words!