Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sister Tea

My sister Libby had this idea. A Sister's Tea around Christmas just for the sisters. Christmas was over and she only had a few days until she had to go back to VA. But we thought it was a good idea. So, we decided we'd have it this last Thursday at 1:00 at my house. 

Only thing was Libby had to sub at school that day in the morning. 
Beka was super busy with her kids.
And I was gone all morning and came home RIGHT at noon.

Seeing that I had 1 hour to get this tea party together I ignored the REST of the house. (and boy, it was bad) and focused on the table. 

At 1pm Libby called me and told me she'd just woke up from a nap but was coming.
Beka called and said she couldn't stay long but was coming. 
So the Sister's Tea was STILL on!
Lots of RED....:) 

I refused to fret over the menu. I had 1 hr. I pulled out leftovers and since there were not very many I just used smaller bowls. For some reason smaller bowls just seems more tea party-ish. 

And dessert. So I found all the candy we had in the house. 
And so, a tea party was forming!

Baby Sister

Big Sister

Middle Sister

And I am sorry to say there are no pics of Lib~Beks~Me. Non of us were 'picture ready' for the day. We were in sweats...and we decided to keep the pics about the decorations. 
But, next Christmas we will have more decorations...and more ideas. And pics of our sisterhood. 
We talked about what were were planning to do next year. How fun. 
And how Wil and Zach would babysit the kids so we could REALLY enjoy the tea! 

But, back to the was lovely. So much fun and too quick. 
I love my sisters and so glad that God gave them to me! 


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

How sweet!! :) What a special tradition...

natashaphillips said...

This is so lovely Rachel! I love the pictures : )