Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...there was magic in the woods.

It's 53 degrees outside. In Iowa. In January. For real people. It's as God himself is kissing his little Iowan's on the heads and saying, "Enjoy my little child!" 
And we all are saying, "YES LORD!" 

Today after lunch we needed to be outside. Without coats and hats and gloves and 20 inches of snow. 

And I knew JUST the place to go!!

Easty was ready to go. He looked at me when I said, "Easty, we are going to the woods!" 
I knew he didn't really understand WHERE we were going...but he watched.

Lincoln was in my sling and all bundled up. He didn't make ONE peep while outside. Already, he's a fan of the great outdoors. With his name being LINCOLN HUNTER he really has no choice! 

Next to our house is a small patch of woods. We own it and have lived here over a year and I had not been in it. I can make all kinds of excuses. We moved in winter. I got pregnant. It was hot, muddy, and I'm afraid of skunks. 
But, those things were over. (except the skunk part.) And thanks to watching Bambi 20 times in the past week I know that 'all "Flowers" sleep in the winter.'

We crossed the dried up creek and headed into the woods. The moment we stepped in the woods I saw my little boy for who he really is.

He changed, right before my eyes. He grew up a bit. As if there was magic in the woods. It brought tears to my eyes to see my little boy on an adventure. We walked. And I was asking questions and talking. Showing him things. He didn't make a sound. As if Man Code's number 1 rule in the woods is:
 Thou shalt not talk.
He knew. 
In his little ways he knew. There was no teaching. 
It was born in him.

He explored and explored. At 1st I was the one to lead. Finding paths that were easiest for him. Most of the small trees and grass were too tall for him to get through without falling. But, he didn't cry. Or even complain. Every time he fell down (and let me tell you...those little roots and things are hard!) he just picked himself up and kept walking. Even without his usual "OH NO! I falled!" 
He didn't speak. But would look around...

and explore. 

And then, something changed. He went from following me to I followed him. Like he knew he's been in the woods before and he was worried I didn't know the way. I could see the look on his face. He knew he could find out house. He knew. 

And at that moment I realized something. I am a Mama of 2 boys. My little boys-even as young as they are right now-need adventure. They need times to feel brave. And need times to explore. Easton needed this walk in the woods for his soul-because he in a boy. He needs to be given time to explore the woods and climb trees because that is who he is. As a mom it's my job to create adventures for him--until he is big enough for his own. 
My little boy became a little man today.

A little man who knew which way to go. And have an adventure along the way. 
And when I looked at him at 21 months old walking around the woods owning it I saw his daddy. Because Wil is happiest in the woods. 

My little man even found a deer trail (on his own) and followed it out of the woods. 

And each time he fell down he got right back up...without saying a word. 
And when we came out of the woods he headed right back to the same spot we started and wanted to go again. 
Ready for his next adventure. 
And Linc was ready to follow!
Because, each boy needs their own adventure!


Lib at Truly His said...

OOOooOOO, this is so cute. It reminds me of Easton showing Tristan the shed. How proud he was. :) He is such a sweetie and I can't wait to watch him as he goes on all of his adventures.

alignaChristina said...

tears of joy! Boys grow up so fast believe me!! You are such a blessed mama and a great mama too:)