Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh to be young again...

I woke up today in a funk. Nothing major. Just blah. Lincoln didn't sleep well the past two nights so maybe it was lack of sleep. Or maybe it was me. I don't know. But, I woke up wanting to just be. And not be home.
As a mom the responsibilities are out of control. I don't care if you have 1 child---or 10. Children are work. Plain and simple. Housework is never-ending. And someone is always making a mess. Today, I just wanted me time. To do whatever. Read blogs. Drink hot tea (without having to re-heat it 3 times) or read a book without having to put it down.
So, as I was walking in the kitchen, I prayed and said, "Jesus, help my attitude because it's not pretty right now." And, then, I heard this phrase, "Let us rejoice...!" Followed by "Sing unto the Lord a new song!" And at that moment...I laughed. HARD. Aloud. And when I caught my breathe...I laughed even harder.
Now, there is nothing very funny about that phrase. In fact, it's very Holy...and Biblical. It was the memory that goes with it....

I was in JR. High. Our tiny school finally had enough boys to have a basketball team. And all of us girls decided to be cheerleaders. That sentence alone makes me laugh---and hard. But keep reading. So, as cheerleaders we decided to copy steal the public school cheers. So we spent most of our Friday nights at basketball games learning the cheers as the 'professional' cheerleaders cheered their hearts out.

And then, it happened. Halftime came. And not only did the cheerleaders take the court...but so did the dance team. Dancing to some hit song of the 90's. Songs that were forbidden at our Christian School.

It was then and there that our 'cheerleading' (I use that term loosely) team decided it was time to add dance to our games. (I might add we had yet to really CHEER at a game--more watching and fighting what cheers we would do and when) Keep gets better.

So, my friends went to work. They started watching TV and got us some GOOD dance moves. And I mean good. They had the whole routine down and our "team" was ready to dance.

And so, our practices began. We met at Co's Consignment Corner. The only little shop in town. Right on Main St. And we planned to dance in Co's parking lot. (it totally was ok, because Co's daughter and I were in the same grade--and she was one of the one's to make up the dance) And, so it began. 1st we learned the moves. And let me tell you...we thought we were SO cool. Those moves were awesome. After all, I'm sure they got them from M-TV or Mickey Mouse Club or somewhere cool. We worked so hard. Most of the days at school were spend seeing who could go where---- and spend the night with whom so we could practice after school. Outside. In the parking lot---- say...4pm until supper or when parents called Co's to send us home. I think we even planned some Saturday practices just in case people couldn't come during the weekday.

My mind gets a little fuzzy here. Was it: Angie? Sara? Or Christina, I can't remember, but someone came up with the BEST song ever for us to dance halftime. At our boys' basketball game. You ready?


THE ONE AND ONLY! She was our favorite so it was a must! And THIS song was our halftime song.
The end of the story is sad. We never performed that halftime show. (Well, maybe not sad NOW, but at the time it was sad) and today I was that moment in 9th grade (or whatever grade I was in) the most important thing in my life and in my friends' lives was that dance. I'm sure it was only a short time we wanted to make up that dance...maybe two weeks max---but it was important. And all we thought about. Our hearts were broken when ONE of our friends couldn't be there to practice. At school we were always worried about if our mom's would let us practice after school or not. Would she need me to babysit? Or clean the house?

Now, maybe I'm remembering wrong. But, I do remember it being a big deal.
So after I had a good laugh this morning, and laughed at our young ways, I thought, what do I worry about today? I'm not talking big, major things....I'm talking about small things that in 20 years you will laugh at for worrying. The "I don't know if my mom will let me go practice our dance after school because the kitchen is a mess" kind of thing. At 13, those kind of worries are the END.OF.THE.WORLD. Yet, I look back and see even last year's worries were just as childish.

So friends. Take heart. God already knows...AND...

Let us rejoice...Sing unto the Lord a new song.

(LET US REJOICE: Turn sideways. Arms up. Bring one arm down on beat 4 times.
SING UNTO THE LORD A NEW SONG: Turn. One hand on hip. Other hand moving like spirit fingers.)
Yep. Years later...I can still dance the moves. Only in my kitchen, by myself.


Beka said...

I have been crying.... this is the best! I love it!!!! I want to see this dance move!!! :) LOLOL!

also. about choked on my yogurt whenI read....."wanted to sit and read and drink hot tea... and not have to WARM IT UP 3 times!" Bahahfiaefndailgjdaligadlgga


Lib at Truly His said...

LOLOL!!!! IT is even better b\c I can picture all of ya'll!! This was awesome, Rae!!

Burkinator said...

I can't believe it wasn't the Martins or the Goodmans ... :)

Kelly said...

Cute story. This made me smile. :)

alignaChristina said...

Oh rachel i just laughed and cried at the same time!! I have so been there..wanting to just read and drink tea without warming it up many many times!! Lol You opened my eyes tonight with reminding me that my worries right now will not be here a year from now...
I need to rejoice& praise God even right now in this season of my life..I love yah rachel!!

Jamie Willow said...

Warming up your tea three times...made me laugh out loud, yesterday it was warming up my dinner 3 times and eventually giving up.
I have given myself some strict attitude talks this post hit home, now I have a fun story to think of and laugh at the next time :) your story spreads joy :) thanks for sharing it!